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Drumming lessons



A series of ten lessons covering the basics of playing the African Djembe and bass drums. The first lesson is free!



Cycles of ten lessons where a basic knowledge of playing technique is already assumed. Courses focus on more complex rhythms, soloing techniques, and other topics.

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Jessica Watson
Founder, Lecturer
About me

Tomáš Oplatek

I started drumming in 2005. After attending the first workshop, led by Janos Crecelius, I was completely absorbed by drumming, and soon after I started to play in the band TiDiTaDe. Here I also learned to play other African instruments such as the balafon and krin.

My other teachers include Thomas Guei (Ivory Coast), with whom I did a month-long workshop directly in Ivory Coast. I also played with him several times in performances during his visit to the Czech Republic.

I am currently a member of the band Barati Squad and I play live accompaniment for African dance courses led by Simona Prokůpková and Tereza Pospěchová.

I have also been actively playing the piano all my life.

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klara malikova kurzy recenze
“Tom has been teaching me to play the drums for seven years. I appreciate his teacher empathy - he is always able to explain technique and rhythms to me so that I understand, remember and play correctly. I enjoy his lessons, they are lively and varied.”
michal smolka kurzy recenze
“Playing the African drums has become one of the most influential things in my life and Tomas Oplatek is one of the teachers I love coming back to year after year.”
Michal Šmolka
zuzana podlahova kurzy recenze
“Highly recommended - Tomas is a great teacher!”
“The drumming course with Tom has definitely become my favourite hobby in my entire life so far. And I took a lot of classes in my youth😊 Tomáš is extremely kind and patient, he teaches with humour and thoroughness. He is a very talented, brilliant, and incredibly lively drummer himself. My only sincere regret is that it took me so long to discover Tomas and to come to drum with him."

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