Drumming has the wonderful quality that it is possible to play together even without previous experience and enjoy a sense of unity that is not common with other musical instruments. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher/facilitator, it is possible to involve everyone, regardless of their previous experience or musical ability.

What are the benefits of drumming?

In our experience and feedback from schools, drumming helps in the following areas:

  • Fun and interactivity: Drumming is a fun activity for children to try exploring rhythm and music with others. Drumming is a great way for them to get out and about and release their energy.
  • Developing motor skills and rhythm: Playing the drums helps children develop their motor skills and coordination. They need to use both hands when drumming, which strengthens their fine motor skills and control over their movements.
  • Cooperation and communication: Drumming in a group allows children to improve cooperation and communication. Each group member has their own drum and together they have to watch and listen to others to create a rhythm together. This supports their ability to work with others and learn to communicate in a group.
  • Educational benefits: Drumming can have a positive effect on children’s education. It helps develop their concentration, memory and listening skills. Rhythms and music can also support language and maths learning.
  • Creativity and self-expression: Drumming allows children to express their creativity and originality. They can experiment with different sounds and rhythmic patterns and can even play a solo if they want. This encourages self-assertion and confidence in their own abilities.

Drumming lasts 15-30 minutes, the ideal number is 10-20 children. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to try playing a musical instrument, it allows them to practice rhythm, cooperation, and most importantly it allows them to make loud sounds without the limitations that otherwise exist in our lives 😊

Drumming is a source of joy and fun for children. Children can relax, be spontaneous and express their emotions through drums. It is also an opportunity to take a break from everyday responsibilities.