Drumming has the amazing quality that it is possible to play together even without previous experience and enjoy a sense of belonging that is not common with other musical instruments. Under the guidance of an experienced tutor/facilitator, it is possible to involve everyone regardless of their previous experience or musical ability. Drumming is an ideal activity for a teambuilding event!


In our experience and feedback from companies, drumming helps in the following areas:

  • Improving communication and listening: Drumming in a team promotes communication and listening to each other. When people drum together, they need to focus not only on themselves but also on the other members of the group, listening to their rhythm and complementing each other. This improves the ability to communicate and listen in the company.
  • Strengthening team spirit: Drumming in a company strengthens team spirit and camaraderie. Participants become part of a unit, with everyone contributing their rhythm to the music they create together. This promotes cooperation, mutual trust, and team spirit.
  • Absence of hierarchy: When drumming, corporate hierarchies temporarily disappear, and barriers between different levels of employees are removed. Everyone has the same role and the same opportunity to express themselves. This can help create a comfortable and informal atmosphere in which people feel more comfortable and work more openly together.
  • Stress relief and energy boost: Participants can discharge their emotions and tensions on the drums, leading to relaxation and improved overall well-being. After drumming, people often feel refreshed and full of energy.

All participants in our group drumming sessions always have their own drum so everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the experience. This ensures that everyone also has an equal opportunity to participate fully in the experience. Unlike our competitors who often use different rattles and complementary rhythm instruments, we deliver an authentic and cohesive experience where everyone feels equal and can fully express themselves through their drum. Through this approach to drumming, we create a unique space for true belonging and collaboration within the team.

The program is flexible and can be easily adapted to different groups and needs. We can offer different drumming durations and tailor them to the specific requirements of the company. In our experience, drumming sessions of 30-60 minutes work best, with the ideal number being around 10-20 people. In case of more people, it is better to invite an additional facilitator so that the quality of the experience remains ideal. If a large enough venue is secured, we can also cater for events up to 100 people.